Family control is essential

Family Preparation


Is your family prepared to inherit a complex wealth landscape?

A successful transition of wealth begins with focusing on the family that sits at the centre of everything and where control ultimately lies.

Advisors, legal and governance structures are all there to support the family in governing and executing its Family Mission Statement and Goal.

Professional Team

what Work Needs to be done?

The core work is to build strong foundations for a transition

Align Needs & Interests

Collaborating cross-generationally to understand what everyone wants individually, identifying common ground on which to establish a solid foundation, before building a collective purpose that is both empowering and unifying.

Define a Common Goal

Clearly identifying the collective values, mission and goal for the family over the medium to long term, and developing this into a powerful yet simple Mission Statement and Family Goal.

Identify Risks

Analysing and assessing the risks that a family faces across its Human and Financial Capital.

Collaboratively developing a practical plan to mitigate these risks across a short, medium and long-term horizon.

Educate Future Generations

Preparing the next generation to become effective stewards of this wealth with a very practical focus in the following areas:

  • Managing liquid wealth
  • Reading complex financial statements
  • Governing as responsible owners
  • Understanding trusts and how trustees work

Empower Each Individual

Coaching, mentoring and training every individual in the family to enable them to become their best versions:

  • Maximising leadership potential
  • Finding the bliss and opportunities in this wealth
  • Developing dynamic communication skills
  • Reframing limiting beliefs
  • Gettting clarity on life purpose, vision and values

Roles & Responsibilities

Collaboratively working together to identify the key roles and responsibilities across the financial and human capital of the family, to develop a clear plan with protocols, policies and procedures across:

  • Ownership roles in the family business
  • Participation in family business / family office
  • Managing philanthropy
  • Stewardship of liquid wealth